Tamez : Hooper : Synthesis

Really excited to announce this one!!!



Having worked alongside Stephanie for longer than anyone else in my career I have had the opportunity to witness how she fearlessly blends her history and identity into her art, admiring this, I am constantly inspired by the way she blends tattooing and art , not leaving any of her practices separate from one another. Her approach to making art and creating work drives me and informs my own personal process, helping me strive to keep a synthesis between the different languages I employ across various mediums.

—Thomas Hooper


What I find most interesting about Thomas Hooper’s work, is his interest in ideas of layers. He explores a very textural and meditative process as he journeys with his exploration of mediums . In his process he has achieved a very authentic method that engages us with his deep visual language.

—Stephanie Tamez



New Ends and New Beginings in Austin Texas

This week I had a visit with Neal who gave me the opportunity to photograph his healed front.

Neal Koch (2 of 3) Neal Koch (3 of 3)


And today I started working Sebastians front.

Sebastian Torso Session One (1 of 4) Sebastian Torso Session One (2 of 4) Sebastian Torso Session One (3 of 4) Sebastian Torso Session One (4 of 4)

It has been great getting settled into my new life here in Austin. I cant thank everyone enough for their support and business over these past few years and the years to come.

If you are interested in getting tattooed by me please get in touch with my new home, Rock of Ages Tattooing in Austin Texas.