I have a selection of books available through various publishers, each image will redirect you to the relevant web store, or there are a set of links at the bottom of the page and some additional info on some of the publications, thank you for the support.


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Books that can be purchased through Blurb

Book of Lines

Book of Skulls

Book of Skulls B & G

Book of Patterns I

Book of Patterns II is available through Raking Light Projects

Book of Patterns II

Inward, The Art of Thomas Hooper is available through Tattoo Life in Italy.

The book is a collection of 120 flash and paintings and as many textures produced over the first 11 years of my career and inspired by all manner of things. The predominant influence seems to be nature, indomitable and marvellous. Another major vein of inspiration is cosmology and oriental religions, a genuine exploration of the deepest reaches of the unconscious. Popular symbols and imagery, but also geometric and mathematical patterns, they alternate and combine in abstract patches of colour with realistic studies of the human body and animals.



Book of Patterns Vol II, now in its second edition contains 694 pages of patterns based on the hexahedron repetition. For use with discretion within tattooing, personal illustration and visual publication.

Book of Patterns II

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