Tattoo appointment information
 I am very grateful for the people who want to get tattooed by myself and are willing to wait, without YOU / the client, my work would be nothing more than a dream. There are only so many hours in each day and I am unfortunately unable to accommodate each inquiry and request. If you would like to get tattooed by me please use the contact form below.


I am currently only able to take on a very small amount of new projects and will be very selective about what it is, please dont take this as me being elitist- I am only one person and can only tattoo as much as I can.

I try my best to answer all emails, but it is difficult sometimes to get back to everyone. If you don’t  get a return email please don’t hesitate to resend, they get lost quite easily, thank you for the continued support, trust and faith you put in my art and tattooing.

I am currently focusing on simpler work to compliment my detailed, pattern based work and have also a lot of flash that I am always happy to take inspiration from, I’ve complied some images below, underneath the contact form.

I will give priority to large projects (see link here for examples ) and projects that are based around simpler flash designs and those of ornament and baroque designs, such as Dayak/Borneo inspired tribal and Tibetan/Indian/Persian/Victorian ornament, this is not a new area for me, please see my work from 2003-2007 here ——–> Archives.


Subject of Enquiry