4 x 5 Film shots of Ryan’s Back

My posts on this blog are sporadic to say the least…..

In an attempt to share some photographs of my work and keep posting…….

Here is Ryan’s back photographed on Ilford 4×5 hp5 film, using my Graflex Speed Graphic with a Schneider Xenar 210mm f3 Lens, taken last month whilst in Texas.

Thank you for looking, and thank you Ryan for getting this work done and sitting through all of it.


The first print in the JBXTH Series is available via the Burlesque of North America website.


Last month I had the honor of collaborating again with my old friend and peer Jacob Bannon on a new print series called JBXTH.

Each print was made live at Full Bleed Exhibition last month in the Netherlands. A total of 100 hand painted were created alongside 80 mono printed backgrounds.

Embellished and mono printed 15×22” & 16×20″ prints, silkscreened and mono printed live at @fullbleedexhibition by @gemma_monostereo & @benbrlsq, each print in the series is an edition of 25/15 respectively.

These were available at the exhibition all weekend in April, and now the prints we set aside for online sales will be placed available consecutively in the coming weeks on the @brlsq website, starting this Tuesday with JBXTH I.

Thank you for your support and to everyone who came by the exhibition, said hi and/or picked up a print.


Across an Ocean of Stars