The Mandrake

One year ago today the Mandrake Hotel in London opened its doors for the first time. Below is a time-lapse of me putting the finishing touches on a piece of art I was asked to create for the interior of the hotel’s lift shaft. The project took over 2 years to complete from the initial drafting of ideas to the finished painting being installed, approx 1.7m wide X 12m tall. I cannot thank @ramipistache enough for including my work inside his incredible hotel. Thankyou Rami and happy 1st birthday @themandrakehotel


Below are some shots from the few days prior to the installation, here I was adding the final protective layer of varnish.


Here are a few images of the piece from inside the elevator, from the bottom of the shaft and looking down from the top of the elevator car.


I also created two additional pieces, a black and white blue print of the main elevators art and design and the other a light box for the basement level of the elevator shaft.



And finally, the full piece, which was photographed as individual panels then stitched together digitally. click on the image below to see a larger version in a new window……..

Mandrake - Final Stitch Cropped LG

Thank you for looking.

20-21 Newman St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1PG, UK

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