Echoes – Thomas Hooper and Jim Macairt

I have an exhibition opening his Friday and Saturday that I am very proud to announce. 

ECHOES & Tattoo Meditations, Thomas Hooper & Jim MacAirt.
Please Join us for the Preview of our new exhibition on Friday July 8th from 6 – 8pm, at Fleet Gallery, 53 Norman Road, East Sussex, St. Leonards, TN38 0EG
This is the first joint exhibition of Art Work by Thomas Hooper and Jim MacAirt and features new work by these two internationally respected Tattoo Artists. The work shows another side of the arts practice of Thomas and Jim, who both trained as Fine Artists before becoming Tattooists.
Their experience and practice as Fine Artists reflects the range of influences and skills that informs their Tattoo Art. They decided to show their work together at Fleet Gallery to reflect the longstanding creative conversation between them as Artists and friends.
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Jim Macairt 2016. 

Thomas Hooper 2016.