My name is Thomas Hooper. I work out of Rock of Ages Tattooing. Please contact me there at



I am a tattooer, an artist, a husband, and a father. My sensibilities as an artist are defined by how I may incorporate and blend these identities into my tattooing.

Tattoo appointment information -
 I am currently not booking new clients for tattoo work. I am very grateful for the people who want to get tattooed by myself and are willing to wait, without YOU / the client, my work would be nothing more than a dream. There are only so many hours in each day and I am unfortunately unable to accommodate each inquiry and request. If you would like to get tattooed by me in the future then please call Rock of Ages and they will give you any relevant information.
I try my best to answer all emails, but it is difficult sometimes to get back to everyone. If I don’t return your email please don’t hesitate to resend, they got lost quite easily, my current response time for emails is more than 6-8 weeks as I handle all of this personally and it takes a long time to work my way through them between drawing and tattooing.