Black Friday 2019


First off I’d like to say a quick thank you for taking a moment to read this, I hate  marketing on blogs and websites and feel divided about doing it myself, but with the way instagram now restricts posts if they contain any items for sale I decided to try communicating this way so that people know what is happening.
I am incredibly grateful for the continued support, aside from doing an amazing job, the guys who now run my webstore at Deathwish do an annual black friday sale, included in this email is the code to receive 20% off all orders through their US store.
This year we have dropped some new items in time for the sale so they can be included in the deal.

A new Giclee Print of my painting “Eclipse”


A new woven blanket of the painting “Shattered Light”

blanket 3 -1

And there are a whole range of t shirts and even a few bandanas left over from the summer drop.


Get 20% with off code “BLACKFRIDAY2019” and free shipping on U.S. orders over $50!
Only valid for orders within the US store.

Sale ends Monday December 2nd at 11:59pm EST



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