Thomas Hooper X Fine Light Trading – Hexad MMXIV


Earlier this year I was very lucky to start a project with Innis from Fine Light Trading, the premise was to design one skull ring based on some of my drawings and tattooing. This soon be came a set of six rings, a collection was accidentally created.


Hexad MMXIV Six Sterling Silver rings designed by me, Thomas Hooper and made by Fine Light Trading here in the USA.



thomas hooper hexad 01 thomas hooper hexad 07 thomas hooper hexad 12 thomas hooper hexad 08 thomas hooper hexad 11

For more info on this project head over to

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.41.28 AM


Tombs – Savage Gold

nebula studies 8up

At the start of this year I had the honor of creating some new artwork for the band Tombs, this album titled Savage Gold will be packaged in numerous examples of my work. In the images above you can see the pieces are created for the lyric and info booklet.

more info on the album here –


I will post images from this record as it gets closer to the release date.

Thank you!

March 30th Austin Texas 2014

It has been a long time since I graced the pages of this digital wonderland, lets see if I can keep it up.  Lots and Lots of new work to come, news about exciting projects and products. Thank you for your continued interest.

This was Terry’s third day over a course of a week, from bare skin to 70% finished sleeve. thank you Terry for your patience and perseverance.

New Ends and New Beginings in Austin Texas

This week I had a visit with Neal who gave me the opportunity to photograph his healed front.

Neal Koch (2 of 3) Neal Koch (3 of 3)


And today I started working Sebastians front.

Sebastian Torso Session One (1 of 4) Sebastian Torso Session One (2 of 4) Sebastian Torso Session One (3 of 4) Sebastian Torso Session One (4 of 4)

It has been great getting settled into my new life here in Austin. I cant thank everyone enough for their support and business over these past few years and the years to come.

If you are interested in getting tattooed by me please get in touch with my new home, Rock of Ages Tattooing in Austin Texas.


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